Window Tinting

“Thanks for tinting my 335i. The work is flawless.” -John, Hillsdale, OR.

Portland and Beaverton Window Tinting

Available services:

  • Full and partial tinting of windows on cars, wagons, trucks, and SUVs. We can tint rear windows with defroster elements, sliding windows, partial windows, and side windows. We only tint tint to legal specifications (please call for such specifications).

Benefits of tinting:

  • Reduction of interior temperatures in the summer.
  • 99% rejection of skin-damaging UV exposure.
  • Glare reduction. The bright sun in the day is distracting. Oncoming headlights at night can be blinding.
  • Safety: burglars can’t steal what they cannot easily see.
  • Protection of interior trim and dash. Prevent the fading and cracking of your dashboard, plastic, leather, and vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to tint my windows? We will need your car for 6 hours.
  • Do you remove old tint? Yes. We can remove tint and leave your windows as is, or remove old tint and install new tint.
  • Will tinting damage my rear defroster? No.
  • I can get my windows tinted cheaper at another shop. Why should I choose Ace? First, our tinters have years of experience and know how to tint your car flawlessly. Second, we use high quality Llumar film. Third, we offer a lifetime guarantee covering cracking, fading, and delaminating.
  • Will there be dirt or bubbles in my tint? You’ll find no dirt, but it’s impossible to apply a tint without a few tiny bubbles. These bubbles won’t be visible unless you look very closely–8 inches away or less.
  • Any post-installation instructions? Do not roll down your windows for 48 hours. For 7 days, you may notice a slight haziness as the adhesive cures–this is normal.
  • How do I clean my tinted windows? With a clean towel and any tint-safe glass cleaner. Auto parts stores sell tint-safe glass cleaner.


  • Windows are cleaned and prepared per SunTek’s film requirements.
  • All film is applied in our well lit and dirt free facility.


Rear Window $120
2 Windows $120
2 Door Car $220
4 Door Car $240
SUV/Truck $270
Van $300
Tint Removal By Estimate

The following vehicles will require application of felt to window guides at a cost of $25 per roll up window:  Acura TL, Acura TSX, BMW 1 Series, Dodge Caravan (2004+), Ford 500, Ford Mustang (2005+), Honda Accord Sedan (2003+), All Mercedes Benz, Nissan Titan, Nissan Armada, All Saab 2002+, Saturn Ion, Saturn Vue, Scion xB, Toyota FJ, and Toyota Echo.


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