Paintless Dent Repair

Portland and Beaverton Paintless Dent Repair

Available services:

  • Removal of minor door dings. Small dents in doors, fenders, and quarter panels can be removed without using filler or paint.
  • Removal of creases and major dents. Most larger (2″ and larger) dents and creases can be improved or completely removed with paintless dent repair.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can all dents be removed? Not all. Some dents have simply stretched the metal too far. Others are not accessible with PDR tools. Some are along double-stamped steel, and some dents are along contours and factory-created creases that cannot be duplicated. Bring your car to our Beaverton shop or send us clear photos of your dent and we can advise you on the repairability of your dent.
  • My dent has some paint damage as well. Can you repair it? Yes. For a perfect finish, we will have to repaint the entire panel, but in most cases we can greatly improve the paint damage with color-matched touchup paint.
  • How long will my appointment take? Usually we’ll need your car for 4 hours.



  • By estimate. Visit our Beaverton shop or email clear digital photos.



Sample photo 01
Sample photo 02

Remove crease and 3 other dents in Volvo XC90. $225. 4 hours.

Sample photo 03
Sample photo 04

Remove dent and 4 other dents on Porsche 911. $250. 4 hours.

Sample photo 05
Sample photo 06

Remove dent in RAV4. $175. 4 hours.