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“They painted my hood in 3 days for 30 percent less than any quote I received. It looks perfect. Great job. ” – Alex, Portland, OR.

  • Wet sanding/buffing of minor scratches . Scratches deep enough to “catch” your fingernail when dragged over the scratch but not showing bare metal or primer can usually be removed with wet sanding followed by buffing with a light/medium buffing compound.
  • Touchup of scratches. Minor scratches that have removed paint can be touched up with touchup paint applied by brush, squeegee, or flow pencil with our Applied Colors paint touch up system.
  • Repair of failing or heavily scratched and scuffed paint. Oxidized and peeling paint can be sanded and repainted. Heavily scratched and vandalized panels can be sanded and repainted to match factory original color and finish.
  • Replacement and repair of damaged panels. Cracked, bent, and dented hoods, trunks, and doors can be replaced. Roofs and quarter panels can be repaired to like new condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with insurance companies? Yes, we work with all insurance companies.  Insurance companies love us!  We’re known for processing your claim faster than large body shops who often “lock up” your claim with excessive paperwork.
  • How do I get an estimate? Come to our shop in Tigard for 10 minutes or email us clear photos of the damage at
  • Will the color match? Yes. We mix our paint per the code and formula provided by your car manufacturer. When necessary, we blend and tint our paint to match your car’s finish if it has faded or changed with time.
  • Will there be any evidence of the damage once fixed? No. Only a body or paint technician could detect the repair if looked at closely.
  • Do you paint entire cars? Yes.
  • Can I drop off my car the night before my appointment? Yes, you can drop off your car the evening before your appointment and we will keep it in our locked shop overnight. Usually, we can arrange to meet you after hours to receive your car.
  • Do you offer pick up and delivery service? Yes. It varies from $20 – $80 depending on your distance from our shop.
  • Do you offer rental cars? Yes. We offer rentals through Enterprise rentals. $35 per day. They pick you up at our shop and take you to their offices where they assign you a car. They can deliver you to our office at the end of the day. Allow 25 minutes for the checkout/checkin process in the morning and evening.
  • Do you carry liability insurance? Yes. You can view our insurance policy on our office wall.
  • Do you accept credit cards? Yes. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


  • Paint repairs include sanding, priming, base coat, and clear coating. Infrared curing, buffing, and polishing applied as necessary. Standox paints are used; any mica, pearl, or metallic paint can be computer matched. We use only PPG clearcoats.
  • Spot repairs are blended for invisibility.
  • Paint repairs are done permanently and without future problems 6, 24, or 70 months after the repair!


Tigard Body Shop sign
Our Tigard Auto Body Shop: 15785 SW 72nd Ave. Tigard, OR 97224

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Martin Senour paint system
Martin Senour Premium Paint System:  Perfect computer-aided color matching of every year, make, and model of car we service.

heated downdraft automotive paint booth
Heated downdraft automotive paint booth.

auto body tech
Master auto body tech, Fila. 25 years experience.

Lexus SC430 bumper and hood damage

repaired hood and bumper

masked primered mustang

mustang hood painted

1967 mustang blue and pearl white

paint failure volvo hood

repaint Volvo hood
Repaint hood: $425, 2 days.

Replace and repaint door. $1100. 5 days.
Audi quarter panel repair

Repair and repaint bumper, quarter panel, and door. $1295. 5 days.

Chevy Malibu bumper and hood repair.

Replace and repaint hood, grille, bumper, and headlight support. $1650. 5 days.