Auto and Boat Upholstery

Portland and Beaverton Auto and Boat Upholstery

Available services:

  • Repair and replacement of interior trim, door inserts, and seats. Vinyl, leather, and cloth can all be repaired, replaced, and recovered. We can match almost all colors and patterns. Call for your specific application.
  • Replacement of automotive headliners. Headliners are removed from the car, the sagging material is disgarded, and new material is wrapped.
  • Repair and replacement of vinyl boat cushions. Cushions, inserts, and seats are removed from the boat and reupholstered in color and texture matching vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the new material match? We can match almost any texture or color of leather, vinyl, or fabric. Some rare fabrics (pre 1995) may take longer to locate or may not be available.
  • Are reupholstered items durable? Yes. Just as durable as your original items were from the manufacturer.
  • Do I have to leave my car with you? For headliners and drivers seats, yes. Otherwise, we can remove the item from your car and install it when you return.
  • How long will my job take? This varies by job. Call or email for specifics.
  • Do you guarantee your work? Yes. We will correct any mistakes or refund your money if we can’t adequately repair your upholstery issue.


  • By estimate. Call or email for your specific application.


Sample photo 01 Sample photo 02

Reupholster F150 bench top and bottom. $495. 3 days.

Sample photo 03 Sample photo 04

Remove and rewrap F150 headliner. $225. 1 day.