5 Car Battery Myths, Debunked

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You may have heard that driving a car will recharge an almost dead battery, or that a new car battery will last longer in a hot climate rather than a cold one. You may also have heard that a bad car battery can damage your vehicle’s electrical system. So what’s the truth and what’s an old wives tale?

1. A dead car battery is trash
Myth: actually, a dead car battery, although unable to provide the hundreds of amps needed to power a car, can still work to run lower-watt, battery-run tools. Check out what this Instructables blogger did with his dead car battery.

2. Idling will warm up a battery on a cold day
Myth: As we northern Indiana Hoosiers are very used to (especially this season!) winters here are cold. Polar vortexes make it extra difficult to get up and go to school and work – but you’re not the only one who has trouble starting on cold mornings. Your car battery does require warming up, but contrary to popular belief, idling your vehicle for a while before putting it in drive won’t do the trick. The most effective way to warm up your car battery is simply driving it. Modern engines take less than a minute of idling on a cold day before they’re ready to drive, and too much idling could actually damage an engine’s components.

3. Your new car battery will last about 40 months
Truth: The average new battery will last proximately 40 months (31/3 years), but that number can be affected if you live in parts of the country that experience extreme temperatures.

4. Cold temperatures cause more dead batteries than hot temperatures
Myth: Surprisingly there are more dead batteries during the summer months from temperatures that cook the battery’s electrolytes than there are dead batteries in winter.

5. A bad battery will harm the electrical or starter system of your car
Truth: weak batteries will put stress on the charging and starting system. Your car may have to compensate the voltage or current the bad battery is lacking, which can lead to vehicle failure.


Quoted from Levin Tire Center’s Blog.

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